Meet Our Team

Alpha Elite Roofing was founded in 2015, and since then we have been striving to be Texas’ number one roofing company.

Andrew Hernandez

Andrew Hernandez is the President and CEO of Alpha Elite Roofing. He’s from Houston, TX, and the proud father to Avery Brooklyn and Ayden James. Andrew loves to see his children smile, show them the world, and play outside as much as possible. He also wants to make the world a better place by creating jobs that directly help his teams and customers. “I am very passionate about my businesses. I love to build things and watch them grow and go to work. It’s an unbelievable feeling to be able to put food on so many tables and know that I had something to do with it.”

Landon Maness

Landon Maness is a Project Manager at Alpha Elite Roofing. He’s from Deer Park, Texas, and devoted to his country, faith, and family. When he’s not helping customers with stress-free roofing solutions, Landon enjoys weight lifting, optimizing his nutrition, and spending time with his young daughter

Jory Horn

Jory Horn is a Project Manager at Alpha Roofing and hails from Kingwood, Texas. When she’s not excelling at her role, keeping everything organized and optimized from start to completion, she’s dreaming about owning 70-acres to live on with her family. Jory also enjoys cooking, fishing, mudding, and safety swimming.

Wesley Houston

Wesley Houston has been in the roofing business for 6-years and counting. He is constantly looking to improve Alpha Elite Roofing’s sales revenue and optimizing the team’s efficiency. Wesley is also an entrepreneur at heart and has big goals of creating 12 sustainable businesses that can operate with him. When he’s not challenging his mind with business start-ups and business books, he enjoys sporting events and spending time with his four amazing kids.

Matthew Andrew Ramos

Matthew Andrew Ramos is a Contractor and Project Manager with Alpha Elite Roofing. He’s focused on helping homeowners understand all aspects of their roofs and avoiding potential hazards. Matthew was born in Pasadena and enjoys grilling/smoking, photography, reading, and cooking. He also loves powerlifting and is dedicated to bringing his best to everything he does.

Garrett Tope

Garrett Tope is a Project Manager for Alpha Elite Roofing and a property manager. He was born in San Antonio, TX, and has a growing family of three kids. Garrett has dreams of working towards financial freedom, spending time fixing up a new piece of land, and spending more time outdoors. He loves hunting, fishing, sports with his kids, and lending a hand to others.

Albert Espinosa

Albert Espinosa is a Supervisor at Alpha Elite Roofing and hails from Houston, TX. He strives to help our company be the best in the business and is passionate about helping others in his professional and personal life. He’s dedicated to being the best son, father, and grandfather to his family. When he’s not serving the best interests of our customers at Alpha Elite Roofing, he loves golfing and making things with leather.

Yolanda Skipper

Yolanda Skipper is the Office Administrator and was born in Lake Charles, LA. She loves guiding and growing the incredible team at Alpha Elite Roofing. Yolanda prides herself on being the best wife, mother, friend, and daughter and always being there for others. When Yolanda isn’t spending time with family and friends, she enjoys giving back and helping others through charity work in the community.

Hunter Gangloff

Hunter Gangloff is a Project Manager with Alpha Elite Roofing and was born in Portsmouth, VA. He has ambitions to open his first business in the next year and continue to grow as a salesman and Project Manager. When he’s not spending time with his two kids and family, he’s always learning something new, powerlifting, hunting, fishing, and cooking. He’s also passionate about making a positive impact on the world.

Trevon Chaney

Trevon Chaney is a Project Manager at Alpha Elite Roofing. He was born and raised in Houston and is passionate about living life with purpose and making a difference. Whether he impacts one life or a million, Trevon hopes to leave a lasting impression by helping others.

When not taking care of homeowners, Tevon is the proud father of a beautiful 3-year-old. He also loves to go dancing, watch sports, and spend time at the gym helping clients reach their fitness goals.

Mike Abbott

Personal/Professional Goals:
To continue to improve, both, my professional and personal relationships and time-management skills. I have always felt a sense of personal gratification in providing integrity and conveying honest, turn-key service, and, ultimately helping my clients in providing first-class, luxury service to fulfill their roofing and general contracting needs.
I know this sounds cliché, but I love my job- Nothing else gives me a better feeling of
accomplishment than helping others. When I am not working, I enjoy spending my time traveling, exploring the outdoors, and seeing what else the world has to offer, and playing golf.