Having a reliable roof during the cold winter months is crucial, not only for your overall comfort but to make sure your home is safe. The last thing you need is snow, sleet, and hail tearing up your roof and causing damage. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prepare your roof for the winter and avoid potential inconveniences.  

Here are a few winter roof tips and tricks to keep your roof safe and prepare you for the cold months of the year. 

Get an Inspection

Something you should get done every year before winter is an annual roof inspection. A lot can happen over the course of a year, and just because your roof was fine last year doesn’t mean it’s going to be this time around. By hiring a professional, such as Alpha Elite Roofing, they’ll be able to identify any signs of sagging, exterior damage, or potential leaks you might have if the snow were to thaw. It’s best to have an inspection done before winter arrives, but many contractors are capable of performing an inspection during the winter as well, as long as they have the proper gear to do so safely.

Clean the Gutters

Having clean gutters during the winter is important because it allows all the collected snow to drain properly once it begins to melt. It’s best to clean your gutters before the first snowfall, as climbing up once it is cold and slippery makes the job ten times more difficult. If the snow gets clogged and the temperatures drop, it could freeze and expand, damaging your gutters in the process. It’s also a good rule of thumb to clear the snow off your roof within a few feet of your gutters after heavy snowfalls to ensure your gutters remain clear.

Fix the Flashing

Winter roof maintenance is crucial, and maintaining proper flashing throughout the season is important for the well-being of your home. Over time flashing can become warped or loose, allowing snow and precipitation to enter your roof. This same rule of thumb applies to any loose or curling shingles that you might notice and should be replaced as soon as possible by your roofing contractor to ensure it’s all sealed tight.

Trim Branches

If you have multiple tree branches hanging over your roof, it might be best to have them trimmed before winter. When it snows heavy enough, that snow could collect on the branches, freeze, and weigh them down to the point where they snap off. This could cause potential damage to your roof at the worst time possible.

Need Winter Roof Repairs?

Even after taking precautions for your roof during the winter, things happen. Whether you need a repair done or an inspection conducted, doing so during the winter is still possible, albeit more difficult. If you find yourself in need of winter roof repairs, don’t wait, as this will only make matters worse. Instead, contact a professional who can get the job done fast without any issues. 

Alpha Elite Roofing is more than happy to help you out, whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or a cold winter evening. Reach out to us via phone call at (832)-583-1745 today for your free inspection.