Bitumen is a thick, sticky petroleum-based substance that can be found naturally as a by-product of decomposed plant matter in tar pits and pitch lakes around the world. Recognizing its adhesive and waterproofing properties, ancient humans used bitumen to build and protect their buildings and boats and even developed a system for using it as part of their embalming processes. More recently, we use it mostly to pave roads and generate roofing materials, having learned that it can be manufactured as a by-product of crude oil distillation, thus making it more widely available for these types of basic, yet vital, construction demands.

In fact, bitumen is such a versatile material that scientists have found ways to further improve its innate ability to seal and preserve, adding bits of rubber or plastic and then attaching it to fiberglass or polyester fabric sheets that can be rolled out and bonded onto surfaces for even longer-lasting protection. This product, called modified bitumen, has become a practical, low-maintenance roofing choice for low slope and flat roof projects. This is why we love it:

It’s Waterproof

Modified bitumen roofing contains bitumen, in and of itself an innately waterproof material. In addition, it is installed in multiple layers, which only enhances its impermeability, making it a superior waterproofing option for any residential or commercial project.

It’s Weather Resistant

Modified bitumen is also weather resistant, impervious to temperature changes, precipitation and other natural phenomena that might otherwise impact, tear or degrade it.

It’s Energy Efficient

The multi-layer construction of modified bitumen means buildings, bridges, car parks and other projects made with it are better insulated and, thus, more energy efficient. Furthermore, the option to add a reflective top layer to the surface of a modified bitumen roof means sunlight can be intentionally harnessed and emitted for additional energy savings.

It’s Affordable

When considering its longevity, versatility of installation methods, maintenance and warranty, modified bitumen is affordable and, indeed, very competitive when compared to available alternatives.

It’s Durable

Of course, modified bitumen is extremely durable, making it a superior choice for many roofing projects, especially on low slope and flat surfaces where water might collect. Its five-layer construction not only strengthens its ability to withstand normal (and not so normal) wear and tear, it serves as added protection for long-lasting pliability and versatility.

Want to Learn More?

Our team at Alpha Elite Roofing loves modified bitumen, and you should, too! Not only is it a quality, low-maintenance and durable product, it is easily installed and offers superior protection for a variety of roofing needs. Please contact us to learn more about modified bitumen roofing or to discuss any other roofing issue today.