Raging storms that pummel your roof with wind, rain, and hail the size of baseballs are an unfortunate inevitability. These hazards depend on the location of your home, but for most of us, a storm or two will sweep over our homes at one point or another. This is where having insurance can come in handy. Insurance can help pay for some or all of the damages that befall your home, but how will filing a claim impact your insurance policy? 

How Does Filing A Claim Work?

There you are grilling in your backyard while your wife sits on the patio reading a book and sipping lemonade. The kids are playing a game in the grass. Life is good. You look over your shoulder, and wouldn’t you know it: a tornado is busy ripping the shingles off your roof! That darn twister. Filing a claim for the damage is the first step in getting your roof fixed. Contact your insurer to start the process and record your losses. Soon after an assessor will be sent to your home to determine the damage and cost and report it. If all goes well, the insurance company will help cover a majority of the costs after the deductible is paid, and a professional team will come to begin repairs.

Will Filing A Claim For Storm Damage Raise My Insurance Premiums? 

That question is a tricky one. It is important to note that different insurance companies will offer varying levels of coverage, and one should do independent research to determine how their specific insurance company’s policy will affect them. That knowledge aside, most insurance policies state that in the event of heavy storm damage to your home where the homeowner is not responsible for said damages, you will then be required to pay a deductible, but afterward your insurance company will pay for the damage costs up to your coverage limit. Typically, an insurance company won’t increase the policy rates unless you file frequent claims or live in an area where destructive storms occur often; however, every insurance policy can be different and companies may increase premiums after your first filing.

Choosing Roof Replacement Services After Storm Damage

Hiring a professional roofing service is perhaps the most important part of the filing claims process. Your insurance policy may only cover the minimum amount, and it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option, but it’s crucial to conduct research to find a high-quality service provider. The team responsible for repairing your roof should be reputable and qualified, giving your home the best possible repair option at your disposal. The roofing service you hire should be a good fit for your home, and there are some great options out there.

Closing Thoughts

Dealing with storm damage can be a frustrating endeavor, but taking the proper measures to deal with the problem can make the process smoother. It’s also important to understand how filing a claim will impact your insurance policy, and the necessary steps to take to prepare for that. 

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