Our roofs are the first line of defense against keeping the harmful outdoor elements at bay, such as rain, sleet, and snow. Unfortunately, not all roofs were created equal, and even the ones that were done correctly break down over time, requiring repairs. But how can you tell if you have a bad roof or not? What constitutes a poor roof? When are roof repairs needed? And what causes these blemishes to your roof in the first place?

Sunken Roof

One of the worst things that your roof can do is begin to sink. Not only is it an obvious sign that your roof needs to be repaired, but it could prove hazardous for the rest of your home if it were to collapse. This likely means that the roof’s support beams have begun to rot and a call to your roofing contractor should be made as quickly as possible.

Missing Shingles

Having the occasional missing or peeling shingle may not be cause for alarm in itself, especially after a strong storm, but when you begin to notice several areas that need to be fixed or replaced, it might be time to take action. It might be as simple as replacing a few missing shingles or as complicated as re-shingling the entire roof.

A Drift

Noticing a draft in your home could be one of several things, whether that’s with a window, a wall, or even your roof. This could be a possible sign that your roof isn’t properly sealed, such as a crack or a hole in the exterior. This could be a small fix or something much more complicated, but getting an inspection will help determine to what extent.

Water Spots

Water spots on your ceiling could be a strong telltale sign of a bad roof. If your roof is failing to keep water out, the leak could run through other parts of your house, leading to electrical shortages, pooling water, damage to your walls and ceiling, and even mold. It’s best to call a roofer immediately after you’ve discovered water spots to get the problem fixed right away. It’s one thing to have a bad roof, but you don’t want the rest of your home to suffer as well.

Showing Its Age

If you start noticing several signs occurring all at the same time, it’s probably because your roof is starting to show its age. This may start to happen anywhere from ten to twenty-five years after your roof is first constructed. It’s natural for a roof to deteriorate after a decade or two, but you’ll want to get it replaced as quickly as possible to avoid potential problems with your home.

Turning Your Bad Roof Into An Amazing One

Just because you can identify a bad roof doesn’t mean you have to live with one. With the help of the experienced professionals at Alpha Elite Roofing, you can sleep soundly knowing that your roof will be capable of protecting your home from anything nature has to throw at you.

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