Finding a reputable roofing repair company can be difficult, particularly if you’re new to an area or have never had to consider the features that make one roofing company better than another. In this blog, we offer a few key tips for answering the question: “Where can I find good roofing repair companies near me?”

Start with Family and Friends

Look to family members and friends for recommendations regarding roofing repair companies near you. Your own social circle is a valuable source of information. Not only do you most likely trust the opinions of the people you know, you will also share many of the same values, meaning the criteria that raise one company higher than the competition for your friends or family will probably also match yours, better ensuring a good fit between you and your ultimate choice.

Check with Your Homeowner Association or City Government

You should also consult your Homeowner Association (HOA), if you have one. Even if your neighborhood doesn’t have an established community organization, you can check your local city government’s website for an online directory of nearby businesses. Most cities will compile information about reliable businesses in the area for their citizens to use as they contemplate consumer options.

Research Options Through Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit company that works to assess the credentials, transparency and credibility of small businesses across North America. It keeps tabs on consumer complaints against most small companies, allowing consumers a quick review of a company’s overall reputation in the marketplace. Using traditional school grades, BBB rates companies from F to A+. Needless to say, search for companies with an A rating and above!

You Can Always Resort to the Internet

The Internet is today’s version of the venerable yellow pages. And just like opening that large tome and sifting through hundreds of commercial listings across various industries, the Internet offers instant connection to even more options. Don’t believe us? Just Google “roofing repair companies near me,” and see what comes up! The Internet is especially helpful when you need to verify licensure, insurance, and other credentials for any companies you end up considering.

Finally, Check References

Once you have a few roofing repair companies near you to consider, ask for references. Drive by homes where these companies have completed roof repairs and replacements to see if their quality meets your standards. If possible, swing by jobs that are actually in progress to see how the company treats its employees; if it follows safety protocols; and whether or not it maintains a clean worksite. All of these things can help point you to the right roofing repair company for your own specific project.

Want to Learn More?

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