Storms don’t stop just because Christmas rolls around, and keeping a close eye on the condition of your roof is just as important in the winter as it is during the rest of the year. If you think your roof might need replacing in the middle of winter, what can you do? Can you even have it replaced during this time of year? Luckily, yes! Getting a roof replacement in winter is possible, and if you know you need one done, don’t wait until spring to spring, otherwise, you could do further damage to your roof and home. However, there are some challenges that arise with winter that you should know about.

The Cold Temperature Influences Tools and Materials

First and foremost, the freezing temperature conditions play a large role in the way a roof replacement is done. Certain tools that rely on compressed air, like nail guns, for instance, may not be as effective due to the cold air, and roofers will need to pay close attention to each nail to ensure that it has been placed deep enough. Shingles are also affected by the cold, as they can become brittle and need heat to fuse the sealant in them properly. When the temperature gets too low, roofers may need to seal them manually with roof cement. If your home is equipped with metal roofing, this problem is can be avoided altogether.

Roof Replacement in Winter Calls for Additional Safety

Safety is of utmost importance when doing a roof replacement, and the same goes during the winter—even more so! Extra precautions must be taken to account for freezing temperatures and slippery roofs caused by ice and snow, such as fall-protection equipment. This will help protect workers from slipping and falling off the roof, and if it does happen, they will be much better off than if they hadn’t been harnessed at all. Other safety measures must be taken as well, like keeping tools that are susceptible to the cold in a warm location until being used and using blades that are less likely to crack brittle materials.

Unexpected Postponements Could be Made

Sometimes when the weather conditions are particularly awful, such as an abundance of snow or thick layers of ice, postponements might need to be made. In some cases, waiting a few hours for the sun to come out or the temperature to rise slightly can be enough to resume work, but there will be times when waiting a day or so is the best option. It is all a matter of being smart about work conditions and recognizing when it is more beneficial to hold off on the roofing, both for the workers and for the roof.

Don’t Let Winter Ruin Your Roof

The weather can play a large role during the roof replacement process, and this is particularly present in winter. While there are obvious challenges to work around and obstacles to maneuver, winter roof replacement is entirely possible. If you need your roof replaced this winter, do not hesitate to contact a professional roofing company that is equipped to deal with this exact scenario, such as Alpha Elite Roofing.

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