Maintaining a roof is an important part of any building’s upkeep. Routine inspections can help you identify possible problems before they become catastrophic. Many contractors offer customers a free roof inspection, but you shouldn’t assume that just having one will protect you or your roof. To get the most out of a free roof inspection, you need to know the right questions to ask so that you know exactly when to spend (or save) your money and why. Here are four critical questions to ask during a free roof inspection to ensure that your roof and finances stay secure:

What Type of Roof Do I Have?

If you recently purchased your home or commercial building, you might not know the type of materials used on its roof. But you should; the composition and quality of roofing materials directly impacts the value of your property. Identifying the type of roof you have will enable you to determine what you can legitimately expect of its performance capacity, longevity and potential repair needs. It also allows you to establish a proper maintenance schedule for your roof moving forward.

How Old and in What Condition is My Roof?

Of course, you’ll want to ask about the age of the roof and whether or not there is any damage to it that needs repair. The type of roof you have only reveals an estimated lifespan. You need to know how old your specific roof is and if there is any damage to it that might inhibit its function or accelerate its need for replacement.

Is My Roof Properly Ventilated?

Proper attic ventilation ensures that your roof does not absorb too much heat (which can “bake” the building materials and cause damage) or too much water (which can cause mold to grow, boards to rot, etc.). It similarly safeguards your energy bill, permitting your building to maintain a constant temperature. Ask your inspector to verify that air is circulating through the attic and out the roof’s vents so that the temperature in the attic matches the temperature of the outside air.

Did You Verify That All Roof Components Are Functional?

Finally, your roof involves a lot more than shingles. There are at least 20 components to every roofing system, and during a free roof inspection your inspector should verify that all are in good, working order. A sturdy, durable roof depends on all its parts functioning as intended, allowing air to flow, water to dissipate and offering support to the building’s structure as a whole.

The Alpha Elite Roofing Difference

A free roof inspection enables homeowners to remain informed regarding the details of one of their property’s most valuable assets: its roof. To schedule your own free roof inspection, please contact our office. Our dedication, not only to building better roofs, but to educating and helping our customers, is the foundation of Alpha Elite Roofing. We promise to provide quality work, as well as quality customer care.