Buildings are only as good as the roofs that protect them. And some of the most durable, long-lasting and energy efficient roofs are metal ones. However, not all roofing contractors have the skills needed to properly install metal roofs or even just the knowledge to recognize when to recommend their use! Here are six ways to find a local metal roofing contractor you can trust:

Ask for Recommendations

The world is full of roofing contractors. To find a good one, ask for recommendations. See if any local friends or family members have had a good experience with a metal roof contractor in your area. Positive word of mouth information will indicate that a company does good and reliable work.

Do Your Research

Asking for local recommendations will undoubtedly result in a few different options for you to consider. Research each one. Visit their company websites. Scrutinize examples of their work. Read online customer reviews. Look for a list of specific services offered by each to see which is best equipped to counsel you on the advantages and drawbacks of metal roofing with regards to your own specific needs. Use the data you uncover to whittle your list down to two or three possible metal roof contractor choices.

Look for Experience

Take into account the amount of experience, as well as the types of accreditation a metal roofing contractor possesses. Many contractors will be members of trade associations known for their expertise and quality workmanship. To maintain membership in these types of organizations these companies will have to adhere to a certain standard of work and comply with certain rules. Chances are these businesses will be more reliable than those with little experience or few industry-associated affiliations.

Validate Credentials

Word of mouth and experience counts for a lot, but you need to legally protect yourself by verifying any potential metal roof contractor you hire is properly licensed and insured, as well. Not all states require a license, but insurance is necessary and no reputable roofer will begin a job without having insurance for all employees and subcontractors. Don’t hire anyone who isn’t complying with state regulations and won’t or can’t demonstrate that they have the necessary insurance coverage.

Talk to Potential Metal Roofing Contractors Personally

Call or visit any potential hire to ask questions and get a feel for their way of doing business. Quite often just speaking with someone will tell you a lot about their professionalism and expertise, their commitment to service, their friendliness and their desire to land a new job. Assess their knowledge and willingness to help you and use what you learn to either keep or remove them from your list of potential metal roofing contractors.

Review Their Business Processes and Ask About Warranties

Quality metal roofing contractors will be able to describe their roofing practices and procedures, carefully delineating their daily routine so that everyone involved knows what to expect throughout the roofing job. Discuss estimates, inspections and how they deal with unforeseen problems. Ask about a warranty for their work. Consult the Better Business Bureau for additional information concerning their overall business reputation within the community and avoid hiring ones with negative ratings and complaints.

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