It’s Sunday night football and the game is about to start. You and your family are sitting around the TV with the fireplace going and snacks are fully stocked. It’s looking to be a great time when you notice a leak in your ceiling that is dripping directly onto your flatscreen.

Nobody wants to deal with a leaky roof, especially if they don’t have the knowledge to properly take care of the problem at hand. If you are lacking in experience when it comes to making a roof leak repair, don’t worry. Here are some basic things you can do to prevent further damage to your home when you spot a roof leak.

Identify the Leak

First and foremost, your top priority should be to locate the source of the leak. While it won’t take you long if it’s pouring outside and you can clearly see your furniture or television being ruined before your very eyes, it might not always prove as easy as you might think. Leaks can be small, and water can build up in attics or ceilings slowly until mold or apparent water damage starts to become noticeable. Dark spots, dampness, and cracked paint can all be signs of an internal leak.

Next comes the hard part. Once you’ve determined there is definitely a leak, you need to find the cause. There won’t always be a clearly visible hole directly through the top of your roof; in fact, that is almost never the case. More likely is the chance that water is entering your home in one spot and flowing to the area where you first noticed it. This often requires a professional if it isn’t readily apparent, as you might notice the water around the bottom of trim or even drywall.

Temporary Roof Leak Repair Options

For the time being, you might want to consider making a temporary roof leak repair. While major repairs are best left to a professional, you don’t need to have years of experience to as least prevent more water from dripping into your living room. Repairs made yourself should be the most basic, starting with a way to catch any leaking water in the event of rainy weather. This can be as easy as placing a large bucket or a plastic cooler under the leak to catch the water—just keep an eye on it when it starts to rain so that it does not overflow.

Alternatively, you might want to hop up onto your roof and find the shingle above the leak. From there, you’ll want to partially raise the shingle by removing some of its nails and then placing a small sheet of galvanized metal over the hole, then return the shingle. This, as well as a water-resistant sealant, can be purchased at most superstores or hardware stores. This will hopefully repel some of the water from spilling through underneath until professionals can arrive the do the serious work.

Leave Roof Leak Repair to the Professionals

To ensure that the job is done correctly, it’s best to hire a professional for your roof leak repair. A trained professional will be able to find the source of the leak and fix your roof accordingly. Not only that, but they’ll do it quickly and efficiently, saving you time in the process. They deal with roof leaks on a daily basis and are well aware of what the most common causes are, such as worn shingles, clogged gutters, and simply having an old roof, and will be able to help you prevent future problems from occurring by telling you what the best course of action to take is. If your roof is older than fifteen to twenty years old, you may find that your entire roof needs replaced!

Need Help With Roof Leak Repair?

When it comes to the quality of your home, you don’t want to take any chances. In the unfortunate event that your roof springs a leak, you should do your best to deal with the immediate fallout, but contacting a professional roofer is your best bet. At Alpha Elite Roofing, we’re prepared to bring our customers top-quality service at a respectable cost.

If you’ve got a roof leak that needs fixing, don’t wait. Contact us today to learn more or give us a call at (832)-583-1745 for a free inspection!